Saturday, March 31, 2007

Found a pic of the shawl I am working on...

Not my actual shawl, but another one someone knit from the same pattern.

I am doing mom's in a light sea gray. It's so PURTY! But Seriously not anywhere near as nice as the one pictured above. I have several (dozen) mistakes in mine. Oh well. First lace project, not too bad.

My dad sent off my camera to get fixed so I should have pics ofall my work soon!

I gifted all the washcloths to my Mama on Wednesday, and she loves them, so yay!

And the shawl is about done, actually. I am binding off right now, which will take a while....

Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Blog for all my knitting goodness!

Well, this might be a stupid move, since I don't even keep up with my normal blog. But I can talk til I amblue in the face about knitting, yarn, fiber, mmmmm. So lets try this.~

OTN at the moment...

~ 's Pack Pack, smallest size for Riley. In colorway "Quinn" for the body, Turquoise solid for the trim. I just finished one strap, have one to go and then the hanging loop, then I will be ready to felt! It is turning out *beautifully* and I may even have pics soon. My dad is getting my camera fixed, bless him.

~Interweave Knits, Fall 06, "Swallowtail Shawl" for my Mom for her birthday next week in a lovely gray/green Misti Baby Alpaca. I have to sit down and do this when I don't have the kids asking a million things at a time. It's my first REAL lace (I have done knitty's Monkey pattern as a scarf, but with a hemp/cotton on size 4's, it's not difficult) and it's taking concentration. My kids actually don't bother me so much while I am working on it, but the baby I provide daycare for *really* doesn't like me to do anything for more than 1 minute at a time! LOL. But I am on repeat #10 out of 14 for the main part of the shawl, then a couple different patterns for the border sections. I hope to knock out the last 4 repeats of the body over tomorrow night/Saturday morning. Then I can feel accomplished, even if I don't get it totally finished b4 her birthday!!!

~ Socks for Riley as well (I am not only knitting for my son, really, my dd is on the list too! I just happened to start with his sock yarn, and his Pack Pack yarn first!) I taught myself to knit 2 socks at a time using Magic Loop, and toe up at the same time. It also is the first project I have used Addi turbos on, and it is a fun little project, let me tell you!

Next on the list- Addie's Pack Pack and socks, hopefully b4 Easter. Another washcloth or two for Mom's birthday basket, Felted soaps for Easter and Mom, A Curly Purly Soaker for Bodhi, um...... oh yeah! 's Monica for Addie for her bday. I am sure that by the time I make a dent in that, I will have more in mind.