Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I made yarn on a wheel!

It's craptastic!

No, not really. Probably going to be knit and then felted, I don't know. I just used some brown domestic wool top, navajo plied. I am purty proud actually.

Although lord have mercy, I need more bobbins, and a tensioned Lazy Kate. Or make my own, whatevah.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

She's Here! ~ And a WIP

Woot! Now I *thought* she was going to be Clementine. But now that she is here, and I have been playing a bit today, I think she is actually supposed to be Hazel. She seems more wise than impetuous. ;-)I have a bobbin nearly full with some slightly nobbly wool single. But honestly? I think spinning on a spindle for a couple months really has made a huge difference in my learning curve. Although i took the same approach to spinning as I did knitting, (You know, "keep on knitting past the mistakes because keeping the mojo is more important") I feel like I could actually make a smooth, even, decent yarn now on the wheel, if I wanted to go slow enough to do it.
And my single...(Don't look too closely...)
And now the KPS hooded pullover. Yknow, minus the hood and sleeves. And on the wrong child. (It's for Addison, but she was at my moms this morning.) I must take a break before finishing this up because Bodhi needs woolly pants, and lets face it. I'm going to be spinning

Friday, October 19, 2007

Wah. My wheel isn't here yet...

Arg. So I spent my pent up energies dyeing fiber yesterday...

crap, blogger won't let me upload pics. Go here instead -

Well, at least my etsy store will have new offerings over the weekend.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dah Dah DAH!!!

I bought a wheel. Found an AMAZING deal on it. She should be shipping to me tomorrow!!!

I will wait to post a pic until I have her sitting in my living room

Pic of Bodhi.

My cool dude...

Monday, October 8, 2007

What have *I* been up to, you say?

First, some FO's
A ~* Medium *~ Soaker for Bodhi. He is sooo huge. Seriously. And some handspun I made on my drop spindle. I hand dyed the roving, and then spun it. I am so cool.
I am saving for a wheel, I want one SO bad, but must make money for it to justify the purchase.

Well, lets see. I am now staying at home mostly full time. I do work a couple days a week at the family store when the older two are at visitation, but Bodhi comes with me mostly to that.

And.... drumroll please... I opend up an Etsy store. I have some fun handdyed yarns, beaded stitch markers, etc. Also look out in the future for artsy tee shirts, handspun, possibly some jewelry... you just have to wait and see!

OK, so Bodhi needs me now... More later. Mwah!