Saturday, July 28, 2007

Curl up and Dye

I am officially addicted to dying fiber.

So are my kids. Addie wants me to do a lot more and sell it. That's my girl. we are such entrepreneurs.

We have dubbed Riley colorway "Hagrid" We have HP on the brain. This is on KP Wool of the Andes. He wants a dragon tail ish pointy scarf like Mama.
All wrapped up nice and tidy. I love center pull skeins.... Although it would be a lot faster if I had a ball winder.
"I" named this Fleur. Again with the HP. Addie has named it earth. This is on Galenas from IBK and is super soft.
Ooooh. Shiny.
I didn't let them dry the whole time on the sun, just about 10 minutes at the endto bake out the last bit of moisture.

Woo hoo! I love fiber dyeing now! Yay!

Some things I have learned....

I posted this for some friends on MDC, and thought I was very clever. I might not actually BE clever. But humor me all right?

Bella's Rules of Lace Knitting

Rule #1 - If you need to, it's perfectly acceptable by all knitting goddesses for their ardent followers to lock themselves in a happy little room away from all children, spouses, pets, and well meaning neighbors. Mother's and Mother in Laws as well. It's even more important if you like these people. you will end up talking and not paying attention. Ask me how I know.

Rule # 2 - Only you know what you need. Use it all if need be. Lifelines. Moving a post it/magnet/what have you along every 4 or 6 or 8 stitches. Highlighters. Turning the pattern upside down. You won't ever have to count back more than a couple stitches to find where you got all flustercated. Although this may possibly be avoided if one follows rule number 1.

Rule #3 - If you make a wee mistake remember the galloping horses (or Lady Godiva...) theory. If either the aforementioned was wearing your creation, would anyone notice your mistake? I have several little mistakes in my stole. Will I notice them? Sure. Will anyone else? Not likely. I went and fixed the mistakes that would bother me and fudged on the rest by a sneaky little yo or k2tog. It's all about you baby. Keeping the knitting mojo is, in my book, way more important than ripping back hours (days, weeks, etc) of work to fix something minor.

Rule #4 - Stitch count is really not the most important thing. Learn to read your lace. You can have the perfect amount of stitches on the needles and have them all be wrong due to a missed k2tog or something early on. Only time can give you this so keep knitting! (Maybe remember rule #1)

Rule#5- Enjoy it! Relax! Lace can offer such a bounty of knitty time on a budget. Where else can you get a couple months of hobby work for 3.99?

Rule #6 Know, Learn, and Love Rule # 1

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MS3 clue three and a WIP

Wow. Seriously? The mistakes are not nearly as noticeable in person as they are on camera. I wanted pics to show off the pattern, because the flash really highlights it, but jeez every mistake is in sharp relief! Oh , well. I like it, I enjoy it, I will wear it and that's all that matters. ;-)
This pattern is so much fun!

Poorly pinned and all, but what's new. I can't wait to wear this!

Any guesses as to the theme yet?

OK. And this WIP is a pair of LTK Picky Pants, size medium with Three Irish Girls (formerly Irish baby Knits) Reilly colorway. ( on their new pic, Rielly has a lot more yellow in it! I like this one better.) on Perigrine Merino. I just need to knit the gusset, legs and the navy there is some Wool Ease that I got at a steal that will be a vest to match, and a drawstring.



Here is the Swallowtail, all blocked. Though I think I need to block it harder, it's getting a little bouncy after the month of laying on my Mama's rocker.

My lovely assistant. Addison, who had no clue I took the second one. She wasn't "ready"

My socks, finished, oh, back in Febuary or March? I wore them happily with clogs and gypsy skirts all through the last bit of my pregnancy with Bodhi and will wear them again, even if they are uneven. They are the first socks I knit for ME!

Surprisingly cozy for such an affordable yarn...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Clue 2 finished, ready for # 3!

Ok, first some cute baby pics...

A rare laughing picture. He does NOT smile on cue.
Lacey goodness
And more..not the great pinning but better than nothin
Riley and I played with the Roger's Connection today. We also made a pyramid out of tetrahedrons. Learned all about the 5 Platonic Solid shapes and built some of them.. I like homeschooling. ;-)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another OT.

I am neglecting my other blog so this one is going to encompass kids, family, knitting etc. So there.

My lovely daughter and her new haircut. Pardon the sleepyhead tussled look. lol. She got this cut on Tuesday with my mama and our dear friend Martha. So proud of her new look, aww.. And then she went to visitation and came back all sad because her father and his girlfriend poo-pooed it. Again.

She even asked me before she went "what if they tell me I look like a boy again?" She had cut her hair about a year and a half ago into the cutest little bob, and they told her she looked like a boy. She was not quite 5. Seriously. The teen years should be a load of fun.
So this is an Ode to Addison in all her glory. Soon I will have pics of her in Colorado at my cousins wedding. She leaves this morning with my parents for the weekend. Just me and a bunch of boys this weekend! I hope to do lots of fun stuff with Jason, Riley and Bodhi.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mystery Stole 3

Pics of Clue 1Nice border, looks like a vine to me, but that wouldn't explain the "black or white theme"

Ahhhh mistakes.....

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

OT but...

I miss my kids. Boo hoo. They do come home saturday, so that's exciting, but I have been spending my morning off for the 4th either knitting lace for the Mystery Stole 3 (It's a yahoo group, I am not bothering with linkies, sorry), playing with Bodhi and listening to him coo, and surfing MDC mamas blogs. With pics of their kids. And being on the verge of tears.

It doesn't help that I just started my moon time after only three months and I am feeling blue and hormonal. I was gypped.

So to cheer me up... pics of my kids. But even grabbing these pics off my pc made me sad, because they are like 6 weeks old. For those not in the know.... The kids spend 4 weeks in the summer with the ex (2 away, 1 home, 2 away again) We are nearing the end of the 2nd 2 week period and I am just missing them like crazy.

Sorry about the flipped pic, I don't feel like switching it. Bodhi is crying now, gotta be done!