Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OTN, and goings ons.


Basic top down raglan cardigan, in Peace Fleece "Grassroots" Drool. I love this yarn/color. I am close to taking the sleeve stitches off and working on the body. I need to find some freaking awesome buttons.

Cabled shorties for Bodhi, in Peace Fleece "Blueberry Borscht" . Just inserted a three strand braided cable down each side. Nearly knit to the gusset now.

Celtic Tote by Jennifer Tallepeneni... (sp?) in Peace Fleece "Sakhalin Salmon" About halfway done with the front. This one is slow going as I have to have my chart, and I have to not have a toddler rip said chart to pieces. But it'll get done someday.

So, I LOVE peace fleece apparently. I am going to put in another order for 1-sweater quantities for each of the kids, and some DK for socks, shawls, etc. I also plan on a Knitpicks order for some Palette.


In non knitting news, I have to get myself a little healthier. Staying up a little too late these days, eating a little too much crap, and not walking any more (does 2-3 times a month count?) is not adding up to Mama feeling very good. I also am at the top weight for my "happy range" and want to drop like 5 lbs. So back to counting what I eat just for a while, because one doesn't need three leftover peanut butter cookies in one day.... ;-)

I didn't count what I ate yesterday but it was generally good. (forget about the cookies...) I made curried lentils for lunch, with raita and rice. Breakfast was two eggs in corn tortillas with a tablespoon of cheese and some chili sauce. Dinner was some homemade Hungarian Potato soup (and my was it divine! next time, light sour cream and less butter...) with biscuits and salad and 1 beer.

My problems usually lie in slightly overeating, and snacking on chips, etc if I have them around. I ate some bbq stax while cooking lunch when some fruits and veggies would have been better!

Before bed though, while we were watching Avatar with the kids and I was knitting, instead of grabbing another drink (which tends to lead to Too Much and staying up later than necessary...) I made a cup of skullcap tea and had a couple bites of some tasty ice cream. Yum.


This is also that time of year when my kiddos leave for their fathers for extended visitation. This weekend happens to fall right before it, so instead of 15 days they will be gone 17, then another 18 later on. :-( I miss them so badly when they go. Although it's a little easier these days with Bodhi getting so big, he keeps me hopping. And I will work more hours, and get some home improvement jobs done as well. It's still hard though.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day Fun

After dinner, we built a fire in the firepit, and roasted marshmallows. Riley would like to say "It was fun roasting marshmallows and coloring our paper of the earth. And it was a bunch of colors. Happy Earth Day"

We started off the day just me and the boys, as Addison spent the night with her Gram. The boys and I cleaned a bit, and after breakfast we went on a long walk to the park. We walked through woods and wildflowers and had a great time. We saw a cardinal, a wildflower we can't identify that was in a field of Indian paintbrush. We thanked the earth for all we get from her.

Later, Riley colored a paper of the earth, I don't have a picture of it, but it was fantastic! Early afternoon we went to BellaRosa and picked up Addison, went to the Angel store and got some lucky marbles and quartz (the store is by my store, and the lady loves my kids, they go in with a dollar and come out with three things...)

Addison would like to say "I am very thankful for the earth, and my favorite thing about earth day is reading books and singing songs. I am so thankful for the earth, and my whole family."

The kids swam for a couple hours with Gram while I worked, and then we came home to dinner (gotta love the crock pot) We had chili, then the bonfire!

My kids are awesome, my husband is awesome and my life is beautiful!

Of course, what is Earth Day, without watching Aquamarine before bedtime.... LOL.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Non knitting chats.

Is anyone else out there Gluten Free? Seriously. Eating out has not been that bad, there are lots of great option in the DFW metroplex. But I went somewhere that was one of my FAVES before gf days and got a chef that, well, lets just say I would have respected him more if he just admitted HE DIDN'T KNOW what had gluten. Because telling me I couldn't have a rice dish because it "got starchy" just made me not believe when he said something actually was safe. Arg. I was not very filled from my little (delicious, though) salad.
I need to write an educational letter I think, and remember to mention the fabulous waitress that worked her bum off for us. My kids ate great though, and thats good.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Shamlessly stealing posts.

I am going to snatch my partner-in-crime's lovely post on buying handmade. She said it better than I...

Why buy handmade?

Handmade goods are increasingly popular because it is so easy to buy and sell online. Etsy has been instrumental in raising the popularity of unique handmade items. I enjoyed the time I spent with Etsy, and now I'm ready to spread my wings and start my own shop, in partnership with my best bosom friend, kindred spirit, fellow fiber artist, Shelley. Here we are:
Cute, huh? My point is to point out that when you buy handmade items, whether online or in a shop (obviously I don't mean to include sweatshop made) you are:
  • buying something truly unique- a veritable work of art
  • supporting a work-from-home mom and/or someone trying to make a living doing what they love
  • supporting the tradition of learning and handing down arts and skills through the generations
Shelley and I are two of those stay-home-moms, just hoping to make enough money to stay in business, so we can continue to do what we love and pass it on to our children. Hopefully some day we'll make enough to help with our family expenses. For the meantime we just want to get...and keep our shop going.
So all of you go forth and buy handmade for gifts, jewelry, pottery, art, clothes, home decorations... You'll get so many compliments on your excellent taste while knowing in your heart that you helped someone out with your purchase.

New Year - New Life WIP's

Hey all! Been a little quiet around here, I know. Just now recovering from the holidays!


Had a lovely Christmas at home with my family and inlaws. The kids were the only ones to open prezzies as my in laws side of the family did an exchange the night before (Hello Woolery gift certificate, Thank's Tiffany!). It was messy and fun, and we ate tamales and Jason's Pico de Gallo. He makes more and more ever time we have company and it keeps getting eaten. I think this was like $25 worth of homemade pico this time!

From the 26th on, A and R went to their Fathers house for Xmas, and we trucked on down to Austin with my side of the family. (Must get pics back from dad's computer!) My brother rented a lake house, parents bought most of the food, and we all paid to get there - All in lieu of gifts! It was the best vacation, except my kiddos were sorely missed. Bodhi was there, obviously, and was the biggest flirt ever.

So, I want to move to Austin now, except I won't, for numerous reasons, but Jason and I both said we would LOVE to relocate to Austin. It's so laid back, and quite a bit more earthy, and the best Whole Foods I have ever seen is down there! As well as the best, Celiac friendly, Mexican food restaurant - Guero's. OMGah.

Anyhoo, great trip. I have some yummy yarns that I acquired at Hill County Weavers, and am currently working on a pair of socks for moi.

So we came home on the 1st, the kids came home on the 3rd (and left for another weekend the next day, but I digress) and this week is the first we are really settling into the New Year. I am doing well with my resolution to practice daily yoga, thanks to , I didn't gain any of my recent weight loss back over the holidays, I am in the throes of purging the massive extra clothing my daughter and I have, and I am spinnning/dyeing away getting ready for the opening of my- and my bestest friend's- new store

I will probably keep a small etsy store going after Owlets opens, but mostly you will find me and my wares at Owlets. We hope to open early next month. !

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Quant. The new Calorimetry? Panta?

Why are we so drawn to festive little pieces of headgear? Not really going to keep us very warm... (Although i must say, a Panta out of Patons SWS keeps me toasty here in Texas)

I have made Knitty's latest little addition to the headbandesque craze - Quant. Entrelac, easy, satisfying.

I altered it a bit, making it for my daughter. I used Panda's Cotton, fingering weight, on size US 1's

Enough sock yarn leftover to make some American Girl Doll Socks. Pictures to come...
Very poor picture....
And my Harry Potter. I mean, Harry poter for the kids for Christmas. Kimberly Chapmans "Little Dudes" pattern. too tired (lazy) to hyperlink,
Oooh, now I'm artsy...

Friday, December 14, 2007

And getting ready for Christmas more...

Ah, the classic, electric Yule Log....burning in the fireplace.Bodhi's newest longies. Yes, I am knitting these instead of Christmas prezzies. I work well under pressure.
Hazel and some Handspun
A festive dining room. Actually we have a new table. When the camera's batteries are charged up I will add a pic. New *gorgeous* wrought iron and glass table. Yum
A wee tree is all we have this year, less temptation for 8 month old grabby handsS

And me. Crap, I can't take off the strike... shit.