Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Wee Little Sprite

I knit this little gal for an MDC mama. I am thinking about selling then on my Etsy store, waddya think?

I have in mind needlefelted artwork on the hat, stars, flowers, vines. hmmm.

Oh and apparently, this little elflet liked my spinning wheel.

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Mullet Hat

Awww. Well, it wasn't supposed to be a mullet, so much...

I used Caron "Black Magic" I think.
Top down, Magic Loop, made it up as I went along...
And, um, a Short Row Mullet
Cute little top knot head
Gratuitous Tooth Picture.

***No part of this post is meant to endorse the use of Mullets, knit or otherwise***

LTK Picky pants.... Again

Yes, more cloth diapering stuff... Awww. look at his cute tushie!

I knit these in (kind've) a size medium, 1x1 rib waist with crochet drawstring (yarn held double for cord), icord bind off and a simple cable running down the leg. Used just a hair over 2 skeins of Peace fleece in the Ancient Fern. Took me forevah to complete them as I have been spinning a lot, and babe doesn't want me to do housework, let alone knit!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hey look ma, I'm Spinning!

So, I've been busy....
This is my current favorite.... "Fresh" is a navajo plied domestic wool. I first acid dyed the top, then spun a freakishly large amount of single, then navajo plied it. This is my bestest navajo ply ever. The color changes stayed true and separate through the whole thing with occasional wisps of twisting together. It's gorgeous! "Nagini" is a bulgy, thick and thin single, domestic wool

"Berry Sweet" is a two ply, domestic wool, very squishy! Mmmm.... BFL..... This Stuff Is AWESOME. Super silky, hand dyed in my "Harvest" colorway, then spun into a two ply skein of gorgeousness....
"Rainy Day Tweed" is a tightly spun two ply sock yarn. I plied a charcoal single with a blue/silver/ivory single to make a shadowed semi varigated. It's so cool.

What else. Mmmm. I knit Lindsays daughter a wee little gnome. Its her favorite birthday prezzie apparently. And she named it after my husband. LOL. Jason the Baby Gnome. Classic.
I will see if she has a picture, because I (ahem) knit it up the day before her party. Crap, where did that pattern go???