Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Non knitting chats.

Is anyone else out there Gluten Free? Seriously. Eating out has not been that bad, there are lots of great option in the DFW metroplex. But I went somewhere that was one of my FAVES before gf days and got a chef that, well, lets just say I would have respected him more if he just admitted HE DIDN'T KNOW what had gluten. Because telling me I couldn't have a rice dish because it "got starchy" just made me not believe when he said something actually was safe. Arg. I was not very filled from my little (delicious, though) salad.
I need to write an educational letter I think, and remember to mention the fabulous waitress that worked her bum off for us. My kids ate great though, and thats good.


shirleyhill said...

I found your blog both amusing and interesting. My kids and I(just can't the hubby onboard) have been both GF and CF for longer than I care to admit. I go back to a time when you had to explain what GFCF meant and there was nothing in the stores to buy along those lines.

I'm a former Etsy person who is about to open an online store so I think it's very cool that you have progressed to opening your own store. I live outside of DFW so please advertise, can't wait to see.

(P.S. I also belong to Denim Jumper as that is how I found you!)

BellaBabe said...

Love the denim jumper!!! Glad to have you here!

I have been so busy/preoccupied/sick/etc for the past 6 weeks that I have neglected both my store and my blog. I need to get back into it all.

Since this post I really have stopped going out to eat so much, and am feeling much better for it.

Anonymous said...

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