Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year - New Life WIP's

Hey all! Been a little quiet around here, I know. Just now recovering from the holidays!


Had a lovely Christmas at home with my family and inlaws. The kids were the only ones to open prezzies as my in laws side of the family did an exchange the night before (Hello Woolery gift certificate, Thank's Tiffany!). It was messy and fun, and we ate tamales and Jason's Pico de Gallo. He makes more and more ever time we have company and it keeps getting eaten. I think this was like $25 worth of homemade pico this time!

From the 26th on, A and R went to their Fathers house for Xmas, and we trucked on down to Austin with my side of the family. (Must get pics back from dad's computer!) My brother rented a lake house, parents bought most of the food, and we all paid to get there - All in lieu of gifts! It was the best vacation, except my kiddos were sorely missed. Bodhi was there, obviously, and was the biggest flirt ever.

So, I want to move to Austin now, except I won't, for numerous reasons, but Jason and I both said we would LOVE to relocate to Austin. It's so laid back, and quite a bit more earthy, and the best Whole Foods I have ever seen is down there! As well as the best, Celiac friendly, Mexican food restaurant - Guero's. OMGah.

Anyhoo, great trip. I have some yummy yarns that I acquired at Hill County Weavers, and am currently working on a pair of socks for moi.

So we came home on the 1st, the kids came home on the 3rd (and left for another weekend the next day, but I digress) and this week is the first we are really settling into the New Year. I am doing well with my resolution to practice daily yoga, thanks to , I didn't gain any of my recent weight loss back over the holidays, I am in the throes of purging the massive extra clothing my daughter and I have, and I am spinnning/dyeing away getting ready for the opening of my- and my bestest friend's- new store

I will probably keep a small etsy store going after Owlets opens, but mostly you will find me and my wares at Owlets. We hope to open early next month. !

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