Friday, January 11, 2008

Shamlessly stealing posts.

I am going to snatch my partner-in-crime's lovely post on buying handmade. She said it better than I...

Why buy handmade?

Handmade goods are increasingly popular because it is so easy to buy and sell online. Etsy has been instrumental in raising the popularity of unique handmade items. I enjoyed the time I spent with Etsy, and now I'm ready to spread my wings and start my own shop, in partnership with my best bosom friend, kindred spirit, fellow fiber artist, Shelley. Here we are:
Cute, huh? My point is to point out that when you buy handmade items, whether online or in a shop (obviously I don't mean to include sweatshop made) you are:
  • buying something truly unique- a veritable work of art
  • supporting a work-from-home mom and/or someone trying to make a living doing what they love
  • supporting the tradition of learning and handing down arts and skills through the generations
Shelley and I are two of those stay-home-moms, just hoping to make enough money to stay in business, so we can continue to do what we love and pass it on to our children. Hopefully some day we'll make enough to help with our family expenses. For the meantime we just want to get...and keep our shop going.
So all of you go forth and buy handmade for gifts, jewelry, pottery, art, clothes, home decorations... You'll get so many compliments on your excellent taste while knowing in your heart that you helped someone out with your purchase.

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